We at All About Talent always believe in the potential that India has in terms of people as its key strength. Fashion and Lifestyle is one segment where we need a lot to match with the global standards, especially with the human resource.There is a gap in supply and demand which we believe can only be filled with right training and promotion. As the leading Fashion Management Company in India, we understand the right potential needs right training & placement. The industry expertise and vast network of All About Talent help many potential talents to shape their career. We constantly focus on our talents to grow, learn and understand the profession so that when they step out they set a benchmark for others to follow.

VISION : To be a company of creative repute, known for Talent and Fashion Management

MISSION : To be a Brand that promotes Talents, Fashion & Lifestyle with innovative and creative approach.

OBJECTIVE : To be the leading Talent and Fashion Management company India

At All About Talent, we believe on these philosophy

- Treat the Business and customers with respect
- Be creative and resourceful
- Spend a portion of work time on Innovation
- Great people over great resume
- Be open to change and maintain flexibility
- Celebrate and enjoy the journey


Geena Dosanjh


Aseem Singh